The Upward or the Downward Spiral of Living

I believe that each human is either progressing and developing good things, or progressing towards and generating bad things, that is, degenerating. Many people have gone before me and done a better job explaining it, possibly with better cited sources and references, laws of physics and archeological evidences. Whatever. I just keep it simple.

We are either growing or decaying.
We are moving forward or backsliding.

I call it the upward spiral or the downward spiral.

Have you ever noticed that the rich get richer? The poor get poorer? Of course you have, because it is an old adage. However “rich” and “poor” can be replaced with just about any other human condition. The grumpy get grumpier, the unsatisfied get more frustrated, the joyful become blissful and the smart get smarter.

These are all true. It is axiomatic.

But it is also true, but only sometimes, that the poor become rich. The sad become happy, the uneducated get educated. How is this possible? And why is it only true for some people? I think it has to do with a lot of things, but perhaps it begins with CHOOSING which spiral to be on. Most people, I think, don’t know they have the right or the power to choose such a thing. Like a boat drifting with the current, they just go with the flow. But we are not boats. We are men and women with minds and spirits and souls that are precious, intricate, powerful and beautiful.

We are able to choose.

Now, Keshav, what about self esteem? It is the same. Rather than trying to fooling ourselves (can’t be done, anyway) into thinking we are fine human beings, let’s just be real: We have infinite value, each of us. We are loved by God, we are each works of art, a poem that He has spoken. That is not the issue with “self” esteem. But are we living up to it in our deeds and the work of our hands and through the words of our lips? Are we building up and not tearing down? In order to have accurate self-esteem we must be honest. In order to esteem ourselves as growing (which is good!) we must be growing. So we must step onto the upward spiral. Then we prove to ourselves that we are valuable because we are not victims of circumstance, but we defy circumstance and reach up, build up, and fill up.

Simply stated, if you want onto the upward spiral, stop doing what people do when on the downward spiral and start doing what people on the upward spiral do. Make it real by becoming a person on the upward spiral. It happens in an instant. Stay on the upward spiral as long as you can, and when you slip back onto the wrong spiral have courage and just get back on the one that carries you up toward your dreams and your goals.

The first half of Your Ultimate Sales Force is about this very thing: being attractive and effective. Having confidence and skills and purpose. Of the 478 pages, half of them are about what happens inside the professional. There are 2 chapters on Choosing and Choice. Why? Because we all need to get onto the upward spiral. We all slip sometimes and need to choose again in favor of Up. We all need courage and skills.

What do people do on the upward spiral? What do we need to stop doing lest we stay on the downward one? These are the questions for you to contribute the answers to, Keshav.

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