Developing Skills or Not

I just started reading a book called Plug Your Book! Online. It was a free download for my Alkido eReader that I downloaded for my HTC Droid, which, by the way, is a cool way to read books (One day, we will possibly have an eBook of YUSF or the companion workbook/pamphlet). Plug Your Book! Online is very well written, easy to follow, even for an Online Neanderthal like me. I got the feeling that the book has been around for a while, because it talked about “as download speeds increase, video on websites will be more and more effective,” but nevertheless, the guy knows his stuff and I got a lot of insights and an action plan.

You can find all his (Steve Weber) writings and a bunch of cool stuff on his site/blog :

But who cares, really, about what I am doing? The Big Q is, “what are you doing?” If you are reading this, you most likely are in sales or in business for yourself. Here’s a self-test to see if you are doing or mildewing:

1) What was the last thing you studied that will increase your knowledge and skill to take you to the next level?
2) What is the last thing you stopped doing that was distracting you from being your best, doing your best, and living your best.

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