Mike Davidson

Founder and CEO, BizBuilders Networking Groups

Everyone has a message in them, waiting to get out. Some of us have more than a single message; some are changing all the time, evolving through time and experience. Some people are accumulating messages, and feel a need to express them to others in order to promote their joy and/or to save them from heartache. This book has come about through one or two of my own messages needing expression. I need to tell the business world a few things, but primarily I want to say, “Business is hard, but we are not alone.”

John Wayne once said, “Life is tough, but it’s tougher if you’re stupid.” That cracks me up. But the reality of that blunt statement is really bone chilling because there is so much to learn and know in life and in business. I would change the latter part of the statement to, “tougher if you are alone,” as well.

There is an old, much used proverb: “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.” Your Ultimate Sales Force Book offers a new philosophy: “Teach a man to fish, and surround him with motivated, educated and wise fishermen every day, and he enjoys a lifestyle.”

The authors of this book have the heart to be motivators, educators and networkers, willing to mentor and help as many business and sales pros as they can. I am proud and excited to have the personal message of each writer expressed here in a well-rounded resource for you. I hope that you not only enjoy the read, but return to it often, write in it, and make it your own.

The project of writing this book was a great under taking. It started as an idea that would really help us accomplish a goal yet allow us to procrastinate at the same time; we each could get our main messages out and go ahead on the rest of them later. Most of the writers of the chapters have attained some momentum and either will have books out by the release of this one, or will shortly thereafter. Look for ordering info and websites and pass the word about those books to your network.

My life has been altered as I have read and re-read the chapters from these authors. The topics are vital to the world of business and sales. You can go front to back, or pick the chapters you need or want to read first, or you can even go author by author. The stories and information in this book will be given from many different viewpoints.

I heard a man say once that if he hears something he has heard before, he tries not to shut down and say, “I already heard this,” but rather, inquires of himself, “How am I doing in this area?” Undoubtedly some of the advice or information that is in this book, you have heard before. Moreover, there is information repeated in this volume more than once. The question is: How are you doing and what are you doing about it?

I hope that this book impacts your life and propels you to where you really want to be.