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The Upward or the Downward Spiral of Living

I believe that each human is either progressing and developing good things, or progressing towards and generating bad things, that is, degenerating. Many people have gone before me and done a better job explaining it, possibly with better cited sources and references, laws of physics and archeological evidences. Whatever. I just keep it simple.
We are [...]

Twitter success, question mark.

So I have been on Facebook and on Twitter and even on for quite some time now. Facebook I like because it is actually my friends and people that I know/deal with that are on there with me. I like because it is all about business and the social side of business, and [...]

Reviews & Comments & Q’s

Please leave a thought or a testimony of how something from the book has impacted you (make sure you mention your business; this is about networking, of course).
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Developing Skills or Not

I just started reading a book called Plug Your Book! Online. It was a free download for my Alkido eReader that I downloaded for my HTC Droid, which, by the way, is a cool way to read books (One day, we will possibly have an eBook of YUSF or the companion workbook/pamphlet). Plug Your Book! [...]